You are not your mind
And the perceptions you create
And the pangs you feel and the
Eternal embarrassment.

This not need be you

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To worry about the Fridays
Coming up will there be no one
But my awesome twosome? everyone
Is gone and they hate me
He hates me but I am sat. Content. To read and still
Create the poems the mind babble still there
To worry perhaps to write more is to
Think more bad thoughts or a way if thought dumping?
To take and place and leave and let it sit stale
On pages rather than stew and stew and stew
And to use old words, half considered, and create something beautiful from them.

to know that the thoughts you can watch
Rather than let them remain
Bundled up and you jumping in head first so that they.
Suffocate. You.

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And to honk you knew yourself so well
And the life built up around you
Aged eighteen, nineteen? Grasping everything
To the t and now you’re back from holiday
Back from our Crete
And words and words and words will help and understand
But still when your left alone
Put on the telly and let it drone
Put on something silly. And you’ll be who you want
Another day

Oh yes you do like -
And you did and you do and you can’t push it down
And pretend you don’t. Because you do and you can’t pretend
That all the bad and good parts don’t make up you.
You can’t cut up yourself and hope you’ll fit shapes.

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Telly telly life
And my coffee and all my cigarettes that
Keep my fingers busy keep
My mind happy.occupied.

I read an article on how technology
Changes your life, biology brain
The phantom vibration syndrome
Endorphins released like drugs
Like the things I place in hands so I’m
Sitting still for hours but not
Going mad.

As I watch the phones screen and wait wait wait
Even if the words I drag from my brain
Are boring and not me and not
Even what I want to talk about.

And I guess I gotta realise I’m not
In our paradise anymore and no
One ever has enough patience as you did.

I wanna break the rules without being rude.

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Cigarettes then me

Bittersweet friend
You, who have carried me through puppies adolescence
Fat and ice broken even though you turned me grey.

Learning to roll with the second
Told off by my first for trusting in you
Mentholated be

Of I want so,etching I worriedly
Buzz towards its. Around it. Whack whack whack the window
Let me in! Let me in!

No one wants to let he bug in
But the puppy playing I the garden
Uh. What. What
No! A bee! Who leaves the garden
Untamed, wild weeds disorder, obscenities
Spittered under hushed lips
The pricks of my nails in arms flesh
Prick. Prick.

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Bamboo sticks

Oh me oh my
I do feel rough
And tired I’ve slept and slept and yet
Still inside I’ve got bamboo sticks
Poking through and sticking to the ground
So I have to pluck each part of me off
On, off, on
Like the shoes of footballers. Golfers. Sports!
Energy! Sports! Watching the kettle boil
When you know by now there’s no point
But still
It’s a little sad but there’s nothing you can do except
Find another happiness

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We like short shorts

I’d play
Hot po ta toe
And get so angry
The hand, upon the hand, upon the hand
Slip it out and then
Where is the end?
Where was the pain?

Upon the hand. Upon the hand.

Twenty minutes in the shower.

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Walking thru. Burgess,
The advert, film showing at night
This weekend. Sky plums; vinegar fizz spill the red froth and juices
Which sprout. Drip down dappling the apple-dore leaves,
The football kicked it’s way to me. Tanned high heel
“You can join my team!”

Aubergines. Smiley smiley smiley smokey
Smiley smokey
Smoke. Toke. Toke.
!!’ @&. +

It’s fine to brush your teeth before.

I couldn’t lick a carpet you know, the texture on your tounge,
the little pin pricks that stick in your taste buds

g across. Drawing finger in sand.

Ergh! I can’t stand it! That + rubbing
Yo feet. Bare sweaty feet.

Oh goodness please
Oh mercy me
oh my!
What can it be?
Another - but to be true is to be crystal clear.

No! Keep it under wraps, clamped shut
Held tight

Don’t wanna come across like an


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Water fight

Sunshine drys us out
I’ll point my shins to suns eyes so he might
Tan them for once.


Rabbit tattoo green staring at me
We threw water over ourselves
And the patio filled up with our energies
Feet stomping, splashing
Trickling down the gutter
And laughing and screaming
And rolling a joint
The sky is blue. It is so blue
Not a cloud in sight the sun
Is staring me down in the right
Position now
Apple and
Raaaasp bewwey

One with a briosct bun

Or a pie

Lying in the sun
And timehops just reminding me I never got to do this last year

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Not having a decent phone to write on has meant I’ve been very slack with the poetry. Very sorry. I’ve written a few on my iPad which I’ll publish all now and I’m gonna try and upload the collection I did as a free ebook. Stay tuned.

I’m hoping once I get an iPhone again I’ll try and revitalise this project and make it a little less vague. Right now I cba

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Been too long need a new pic #lookatmalips #LOOKATTHEM

Been too long need a new pic #lookatmalips #LOOKATTHEM

Tags: #lookatmalips #lookatthem
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Outta bed!
You gotta stop moping round others
Hoping they’ll bring you along to the good times
You gotta make it!

Outta bed you,
Go stand in front of the mirror
And start saying something nice to yourself

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God I’ve got a lot to do

I reached in the cupboard
For my coffee my top
Riding up let’s hope
Paddy doesn’t walk in
See my butt.

Go back to bed? Write?
I did I just felt
Like I should learn to eat
Food than drink
Energy, first thing in
The morning but
At least it’s
Asda price
My coffee smells like
Marmite so let’s just
Count it as a

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and  have ignored you little tumblr

mighty literature for two long

as i spout smoke and fire

inflate myself but see

the blank pages. the weeks stretch and i

retract my original thought that this could ever be a good idea

and that i’m just lazy

too lazy to even take it any further any hope of

inspiration crashing down as i

pull the cover over the sofa and drift all day and is

it because im tired or each time i try to write

co rect ley

i can barely keep my eyes open.

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