Outta bed!
You gotta stop moping round others
Hoping they’ll bring you along to the good times
You gotta make it!

Outta bed you,
Go stand in front of the mirror
And start saying something nice to yourself

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God I’ve got a lot to do

I reached in the cupboard
For my coffee my top
Riding up let’s hope
Paddy doesn’t walk in
See my butt.

Go back to bed? Write?
I did I just felt
Like I should learn to eat
Food than drink
Energy, first thing in
The morning but
At least it’s
Asda price
My coffee smells like
Marmite so let’s just
Count it as a

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and  have ignored you little tumblr

mighty literature for two long

as i spout smoke and fire

inflate myself but see

the blank pages. the weeks stretch and i

retract my original thought that this could ever be a good idea

and that i’m just lazy

too lazy to even take it any further any hope of

inspiration crashing down as i

pull the cover over the sofa and drift all day and is

it because im tired or each time i try to write

co rect ley

i can barely keep my eyes open.

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Pretentious lightning watching

It’s all the same
Place the same scene except the
Sky flashes and the patio
Blips. Like sound wave.


The seaside
Wind up your nose

I got to see a crack in the sky

Bottles and mini egg mugs litter outside
The sky cracks again I missed it
Now only the gutter is babbling
Missed again.

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You’re not watching it

It’s twilight and petrol
And I fly through these dimly lit streets
Past the cemetry, huge podium
Statues and stature and how
Beautiful is the park
We slept in until the
Trees took over and breathed
Us awake
“it’s cold”
We said and shook walking back
Through park green, sky grey
And the fluffy blanket we stole from mead way
Wrapped around me like a towel after a shower
I need a shower actually

Stomping pedal into the gravel
Back up
Peddle, peddle
Had to get off for one hill
My bike feels brand new
And I flew
Once more down the road
Towards new cross
Near new cross and I wish I could
Lift my fingers off the breaks and
Let myself go faster.

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did you pick up for me

my blood is poison,

i feel weak….

i look down at myself

and see myself


can’t eat for weeks,

tequila and sambuca and long island’s and draping

myself over my old 

no no no no no

i look down at my feet

right foot the biggest blister i’d seen

walked from elephant to peckham

drunk. dropping things.

people in cars stopping and calling

asking if im okay

they didnt let me back in.

well i guess everyone else does it.

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Managed to bleach them and not burn them off. Going pink now 💗 #bleachedeyebrows

Managed to bleach them and not burn them off. Going pink now 💗 #bleachedeyebrows

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Wait, they don’t love you like I love you

I ran through the woods
My legs carried me
The trees blinded me sun streaming


Give my love to a moving star
But she moves so fast
And I can’t keep up

Dry mud and stones,
Wedged in diamond precipices
Sleuthed and draped in beaten tracks mud
Hidden and saved under

Hey look
The smell of the spring
Onions. Wild garlic
“Silly Elly” mum would say

….. Ahh you’re a silly girl.

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Numb nose numb nose nana nana na na

Gloomy and loom bands,
Spots of room illuminated by our
Fillipe just messages me on tinder.

The out looking window watcher
mans face
I couldn’t help to laugh.

Bike shop goatee
Plug. too high to banter.
(picked it up eventually)
People talk over me for I take too long to speak.

Achoo! Achoo! Achoo!

My bike looks brand new.
Label on it too.

The smoke drifts. Falling down air’s slope.
Cradle, sable.
Cats cradle.
Drift back off into the night where the foxes
Teeth mangled with twigs, flaps of dark spec
kled gums like quails eggs.

And shriek!
Make love heavens knows I’m not

Why’d you only call me when you’re high.

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I have not eaten for days
Even though I’m fatter
I. Just can’t
My appetite
The look of food makes me sick
Never want to eat
Always shhhhhhhh-

Sorry. Won’t say.
I’ve never felt so un health ay

Madame jojos killed my stomach ay

Gotta nothing to write
Got nothing to say

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The times they are a’changing

I thought it was time to organise my tumblr a little as I use this account both for my poetry and as a personal tumblr blog. All the writing blogs I follow are swamped by everything else so I’m only going to be following writing blogs and friends from now on. If I’ve unfollowed you please don’t take it personally I just wanna get to dem words.

My personal tumblr is helloitsbuttercup.tumblr.com nothing on there yet more for just checking out blogs follow it anyway if you like I’ll probably forget about it.

Other than that I’m gonna try and force myself to start writing again I know it’s been a while. Probably because I lost my phone (again lol lost it in Peckham gone for good) and I feel weird wapping out my ipad to write. I shall try though. Promise.

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Hang your
name on the
wall with the others-

I’ve no remorse
for living

I haven’t the
wealth of a thousand

And I care not
for giving

Leave your name
on the windowsill

the owl will catch
its fate

Its mewl may
birth a thousand

Till’ my soul

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Hair gone! Hair gone!

look at my mate what a nice mate


Hair gone! Hair gone!

look at my mate what a nice mate

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